Sunday, 18 December 2011

Costumes and props

I am only using two props in my video. These are a guitar and a box. This are going to be easy to organise, as I already have both, therefore I am not relying on anyone else. The box I am going to use was also used in my digipack, therefore I am keeping details the same.

I am going to get my performers to wear plain clothes, which has been influenced from my research into artists such as Laura Marling.

Location and Health and Safety

I am going to film at Burlish Top, which are woods in Stourport. This idea was influenced by my research into other folk artists, as they tend to use woods as their background, for example Bon Iver's video for Michicant:

This was also where I took the photographs for my digipack.

Health and Safety

Potential Outcome
Actions to avoid outcomes
Tripping over power cables
Serious injury, cuts and bruises, electrocution
Make sure any loose wires are taped down for duration of shoot, do not bring equipment that is not needed, keep equipment out of the way of performers
Tripping over branches/ tree roots/debris (stones etc)
Serious injury: cuts, bruises, broken bones
Plan out route for performers to stick to, ensure that there are no hazards along the route, avoid any potential hazards, move any stones etc that could  become a hazard
Walking into low hanging branches
Serious injury, cuts, bruises
Plan out route for performers to follow before hand, ensure that there are not any low tress, or broken trees along route
Falling down rabbit holes, down uneven banks
Sprains, broken bones, cuts, bruises
Plan out safe route for performers to follow before shoot, check again before shooting. Stop shoot if you notice anything hazardous, e.g. damp soil can be more uneven
Getting too hot/cold
Wear suitable clothing, bring a coat just in case, keep hydrated and fed if shooting is going to take a long time


I have completed all the tasks in accordance to my time management plan. I have also undertook some more research, specifically into what folk artists tend to wear in their music videos, which helped to influence my costume planning.

Saturday, 17 December 2011


I had a cast meeting with Nicola (the main performer). I showed her my storyboard and shotlists, then we discussed how she is going to be moving around in the shots, for example when she is walking down the path. Nicola was comfortable with what I was asking her to do, and happy.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


I am going to use my friend Nicola as the main role in the video. I have chosen her as I know she is very reliable. I also think that she will fit the part well, and can play guitar, so it will look more realistic than someone pretending to play the guitar.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011



1) Pick up guitar
2) tapping foot
3) close up of hand playing guitar
4) mid close ups of face, singing first verse
5) hand playing guitar
6) cut between until chorus
7) person walking alone along path
8) cut to two people in field
9) cut back to face for chorus
10) cut between close up and playing guitar throughout chorus
11) cut between different shots in field and close ups of face
12) walking along path
13) close up of face singing final lines
14) cut to walking, final shot mid close up as person turns around

Shooting schedule

I am going to film shots in the same setting all at the same time. This will save lots of time and enable me to film better quality material.
I am going to film shots 1,2,3,4,5,9,and 13 together, then 7,12 and 14 together, and finally 8, 10, and 11 together.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


I have completed my time plan, taking into consideration how long certain tasks will take.
I have started an audience profile, but will be completing a mood board to accompany it tomorrow.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Audience Theories

Effects theory - how does the media influence audiences?

During the 1960s, psychologists came up with the theory that the media had a direct effect on children. The used the Bobo Doll Experiment to try and prove this.
During this experiment, children would watch a video of adults hitting a doll. They were then let into the room, to see what would happen, if they would begin to attack the doll also.
However, there were a few flaws with the experiment:

  • children could pick these things up from anywhere, for example, they knew what a gun looks like, this could be picked up from watching Western films, which were very popular at the time
  • the doll invites the children to play with it; they would want to push it around to see how it moves
  • the child knows that it is a doll, an inanimate object, just because they would be violent to the doll, it doesn't mean that they would be violent towards a person

The cultural studies approach perspective - how the audiences read the media

This theory suggests that audiences take different texts in different ways, according to what is expressed with the text. The different readings are:

  • Preferred - the audience agrees with the values, and accepts them
  • Negotiated - the audience understands the point being made, however they neither agree or disagree, they just go along with what is being said
  • Oppositional - the audience don't agree with the values, they are not how they see the world, it is not relevant to them
  • Aberrant - the audience doesn't understand the text, they don't get it and misunderstand it 

PLANNING target audience profile

Female - due to the meaning of the song, it would mostly appeal to females, however a few males may be interested, particularly those who like listening to new artists
Late teens, early twenties
Likes vintage clothes, sometimes shops at Topshop - likes to be different and original
Listens to Mumford and Sons, Laura Marling and other folk artists
Can play guitar, or wants to learn
Attends festivals
Likes camping and being outdoors
Likes more alternative or new music

PLANNING time management

To help with my time management, I have used the calender on Outlook to make a time plan. This alerts you to which tasks need doing that day when you open the webmail.

Monday, 5 December 2011



For my digipack and advert, I have used the same fonts and colours, to keep to a theme.

Initially, I was going to use drawings or cartoons, which feature on some folk CD covers, however this was difficult as we did not have the correct software. Instead, I have used photographs, which I took outside of a box. The use of trees and grass is also quite popular for folk covers.


I took these photos in the woods, and I intend to use the box in the video. Instead of just using the photographs like this, I used two filters of the top: 'film grain' and 'poster edges'.