Sunday, 18 December 2011

Location and Health and Safety

I am going to film at Burlish Top, which are woods in Stourport. This idea was influenced by my research into other folk artists, as they tend to use woods as their background, for example Bon Iver's video for Michicant:

This was also where I took the photographs for my digipack.

Health and Safety

Potential Outcome
Actions to avoid outcomes
Tripping over power cables
Serious injury, cuts and bruises, electrocution
Make sure any loose wires are taped down for duration of shoot, do not bring equipment that is not needed, keep equipment out of the way of performers
Tripping over branches/ tree roots/debris (stones etc)
Serious injury: cuts, bruises, broken bones
Plan out route for performers to stick to, ensure that there are no hazards along the route, avoid any potential hazards, move any stones etc that could  become a hazard
Walking into low hanging branches
Serious injury, cuts, bruises
Plan out route for performers to follow before hand, ensure that there are not any low tress, or broken trees along route
Falling down rabbit holes, down uneven banks
Sprains, broken bones, cuts, bruises
Plan out safe route for performers to follow before shoot, check again before shooting. Stop shoot if you notice anything hazardous, e.g. damp soil can be more uneven
Getting too hot/cold
Wear suitable clothing, bring a coat just in case, keep hydrated and fed if shooting is going to take a long time

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