Friday, 24 February 2012

EVALUATION - question 4, How did you use media technologies in the construction and reseach, planning and evaluation stages?


I used prezi to make the presentation for my pitch. I thought this was good as it was easy to present as it was all on there. I included links, mood boards, videos and pictures. 
However, I didn't like how jumpy it seemed, zooming in and out all the time. If I use prezi in the future, I will find out how to stop it zooming in and out so fast so that it is easier to watch.

Finding the track

I used Myspace to find a song that would be suitable to use. Firstly, I searched for unsigned artists. However I decided that I would use one of my cousins songs. So instead, I used Myspace to listen to her songs and decide which would be useful and have the most potential for a good video.
 I then contacted her through email to get official permission to use the video.

I did all of the editing of my digipack and advert on Photoshop. This program is incredibly useful and I developed lots of skills through using it. I learnt how to use different effects on pictures, and played around with it for a while until I found which one would work the best. I also played around with lots of different fonts and background colours, which I then used for both the digipack and advert.

Youtube and Blogger as both sites I used to post on. I blogged throughout my research and planning, and I posted my finished music video on YouTube, as well as using the comments option for the evaluation question one, to add little boxes on the video.
These were both very useful.

Creativity and technology?

The technology that I used throughout the planning and making of my digipack, advert and music video helped my creativity, not hinder it. I was able to trial and error lots of different setting on Photoshop and Premiere Pro, so that I could find which would work the best for the genre.

Media 2.0

The making of my video would not have happened without media 2.0. I contacted the artist of the song through email and Myspace. I used Youtube to upload my video to the internet, and I used Facebook to get comments and audience feedback about it. Media 2.0 was very useful as it helped me to get in touch with my target audience, which in turn made my video much more effective.

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